Home Gardening Webinar Series


Four online classes packed with practical information
to get your garden ready for spring and beyond

Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:00 PM
February 3, 10, 17 and 24

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Your garden may appear to be “sleeping,” but there’s a lot you can do in the next several months to get a head start on spring. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, you’ll learn tips and techniques that will get your garden ready to grow come warmer, lengthening days.

ONLINE CLASSES are 1-1/2 hrs. each and include How-To presentations, handouts, and plenty of time for Q&A:

  • “Winter Pruning: Why, How and When to Prune Your Shrubs”: Learn the basics of pruning deciduous shrubs, with an emphasis on structural pruning that can be done during winter, even for spring-flowering shrubs. You’ll come away with new insights and skills, including “how to” info on proper methods and tools.
  • “Prepping Your Garden for Spring:” Spring is right around the corner: the ground begins to warm, trees and shrubs start to bud, and before you know it, gardening is in full swing. Starting from the soil up, this lecture focuses on practical topics and tasks essential to getting your garden off to a great start.
  • “Starting Flowers and Vegetables from Seed”: Get a jump on the season by starting your flowers and vegetables from seeds! Doing so is cheaper than buying transplants and offers a much broader selection of plants. Whether you’re interested in annuals, perennials, edibles, or even shrubs and trees, this lecture will give you the information you need from seed germination to planting in the ground.
  • “English Garden Inspirations for New England Gardeners”: Explore some of England’s most famous gardens, with an emphasis on how design techniques can be adapted to your own landscape. Your property and budget may be smaller than these British landmarks, but there are many practical (and wonderful!) lessons to be learned.

INSTRUCTORS are senior Master Gardeners who are experts in their topics:

  • Gretel Anspach – A Master Gardener since 1998, Gretel is a retired engineer with a passion for both the art and the science of gardening. A sought-after MMGA Speakers Bureau presenter, her repertoire includes a wide range of practical topics. She is also the volunteer manager of a food pantry garden in Marlborough.
  • Kathi Gariepy – A Lifetime Master Gardener since 2000 with over 10,000 MMGA volunteer hours under her belt, Kathi is a founding member of the MMGA Speakers Bureau and has spoken to hundreds of organizations. Her presentations are known for their eye-popping photographs.
  • Jan Weathers ‒ A lifelong gardener, Principal Master Gardener Jan Weathers has a special passion for pruning. Initially self-taught, she (like many of us!) made her share of good cuts and bad until, as an MG trainee, she learned from professionals. Based on advanced training and working side by side with horticulturists, Jan continues to perfect her skills and share them with other gardeners.

The cost of the four-lecture Home Garden Webinar Series ‒ Winter is $60, payable by credit/debit card or PayPal. Classes are not available individually. Registration closes Monday, February 1. Refunds not available after February 1, 2021 or for individual classes.

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