Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

HGIC Plant Diagnostic Web SiteĀ 

(University of Maryland)
This site provides photographs to help diagnose and solve plant problems using IPM principles

Horticulture and Home Pest News
(Iowa State University)
This site, which is written by Iowa State University Extension specialists, contains many articles about current horticulture, plant care, pest management and common household pests.

Integrated Pest Management Program
(University of Massachusetts)
Provides general information about IPM, specific IPM projects, IPM guidelines, identification of pests and much more. Information is provided for the landscape and turf industry as well as for home gardeners

Managing Insect Pests in the Home Vegetable Garden
(University of Missouri Extension)

Invasive Species of Massachusetts
Contains pest fact sheets with photos and information to aid you in identifying pests introduced from other locations. It also gives pest alerts for vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. Any of the pests featured on this web site should be reported.

Iowa State University Department of Entomology
Features an insect zoo, an entomology index of Internet resources, an entomology insect gallery and general information on insects and IPM.

National Pest Management Association
This site has information for professionals and consumers and a website for kids:

NC State Systematic Entomology
This guide to on-line insect systematic resources is a good site to help with insect identification

Pro New England: Pest Resources Online
This site provides pest management information useful to New Englanders.

Purdue University Extension
The Plant Clinic is a resource for diagnostics to identify insects, plants and plant diseases as well as plant and pest problems. Ag Answers provides agricultural problem-solving advice.

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management
(Cornell University)

Rutgers University Cooperative Extension
A resource for commercial agriculture, landscape and turf management.

University of Connecticut Integrated Pest Management Program

Virginia Tech Insect Identification Laboratory

Virginia Tech Pest Management Guide

Lists garden insects/pests and provides .pdf files that users can download

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